John Lennon and the Vatican?

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It was reported this past week that the Vatican newspaper has forgiven a young John Lennon for a remark about the Beetles being more famous then Jesus Christ. They called it a boastful remark by a “young man grappling with sudden fame.” From Reuters

It seems strange to me that remark make some forty years ago back in 1966 requires a article in the Vatican newspaper? Or perhaps it does? The newspaper was marking the 40th Anniversary of the album of the Beetles called “The White Album.” Perhaps it is just a reflection of the change of the guards at the Vatican. As much as I hate to admit it, I too am getting older and part of the getting older involves taking over the positions of responsibility in ones society. The children of the 1950’s to the 1970’s are truly taking over the high positions in the world.

While the time has come for that change to happen, it is good to remember that we too one day will be the Old Guard and the guard again will change to a new group of younger whipper snappers who also think they have the right answers and also know all the right questions. And like us they too will learn soon enough that the world is not full of easy answers. It is time for that cup to have passed. Perhaps we can with the Lords help at least not make the world any worse then it is today when it is our turn to pass the cup forward to a new generation of whipper snappers.

A new Guard has risen.



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The 99-Cent Dating Experiment!

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The 99 cent dating experiment as reported on lifestyles.msn is a interesting experiment to say the least. Though I think it should be called the 20 dollar dating experiment as that is closer to what he spent.

Some of his ideas like the chalk heard and names were sweet. As was the beach date. Though the Krazy Glue, where he was going to glue their hands together, was really off the wall! Even if he did not intend to do that would be pretty nutty and send out warning flags! On the other hand using a solar power calculator to determine the time they have left together is sweet if really corny. One has to admit that he has a sense of humor!

Though I have to wonder is it really nesscary to have to spend over 20 bucks on a  date, not to be seen as a  “Cheapskate! Loser! Creep!” in Mark Miller’s own words? For many in America that is 2.08 hours of work before taxes. Yeah I understand that dates are suppose to be special times but still one can not go out very often and spend that much money if they are making only $20,000 a year. If this is the norm in the USA then perhaps the USA has not so much of a economic problem but perhaps the real problem is a moral problem?

Oh well I wonder if there are any women out there that would find a date like his minus the Krazy Glue as a fun time? Well Mark has one thing right and that is that one should have a person in their life that likes the same nutty craziness that they like. Or perhaps the same stuffiness?

Well good luck Mark on finding Miss She’s the One!

Have a crazy and wild date folks!



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Hello world!

November 20, 2008 on 12:06 pm | In Oh Yeah | 2 Comments

Hello World this is Ohs Zany World blog! Where anything and everything might be wrote about.
Oh Yeah is a general blog will add some like, “Movies and Vids,” “Pigin’ Out!” and “Poly Tics” and likely others as time goes on. Come back often.

Thanks Oh


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