Bush Gets the Shoe!

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While President Bush was in Iraq a reporter threw his shoes at Bush during news conference.  While it is hard to say what he did was right. One must also look to the culture within which the reporter lives. It is a insult to face the bottom of your foot toward someone in that culture. It is a much greater insult to throw your shoe at them. While over here in the USA and likely much of the western world we would think nothing of putting our foot up and leave it face someone sitting by us. Someone from the Middle East would find to be a grave insult. So a shoe being thrown at them is a much worse insult.

While I do not find that the reporter’s actions were right I can understand how someone who has had their nation invaded by a foreign power would find that to be a acceptable thing to do. But it also shows that the Iraqie government has far to go to gain the respect of the people of Iraq.

It is my hope that we may, find, in the future, better ways to deal with conflicts, Perhaps part of that solution will be to learn about other peoples cultures and what is not only considered an insult but what are the little things that are considered compliments and perhaps in doing so we can learn how to get along with each other better.


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The World is Flat?

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If the world was round, wouldn’t we all fall off?



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The third day of December and winter has finally set in. The grass is brown and the sun is shining today. Yet the thermometer says we have a cool 17 degrees Fahrenheit outside my window. So really, it is not really that cold for a hardy Minnesotan. Yet it is still cold out there, I noticed the change yesterday when at 3 o’clock in the afternoon I went outside in my sweatshirt and was warm and the temperature was a balmy 39 degrees. Though last night after getting though with my errands the temperature was down right cold. I really should have put on a coat or at least a heavier jacket though being a hardy Minnesotan I resisted that temptation. So today marks a changing of fall clothing to winter clothing.

So today the winter coat will be forced out of hiding in the closet for close to 8 months. I wonder if it is thinking, “well here you kept me in a dark and stuffy closet for all that time and now you bring me out and expect that I should keep you warm just like nothing has happened? I don’t think so!” The poor coat, if it does think that, must realize that it will still keep me warm whatever it feels. Naah clothing does not have feelings nor thoughts, do they?

The cold has come now, so hopefully soon, so will the snow. Cold without snow is so boring. It takes snow to do so many cool things. Snow skiing, sledding, snowmobiling and just tramping though the snow. Or some really fun things like making snowmen and women and children, who knows perhaps one day that old hat of Frosty’s will show up and that snowman will come to life! Though perhaps the easiest way to have fun in the snow is to make snow angels. 

Yes winter has finally make it to Minnesota and hopefully snow will soon follow. Have a good day and if you have some snow this day take a minute and make snow angel for me! Have fun for in 6 months it may be a 100 out again! And then the complaint will be it is too hot!

Us humans are never happy!  Or perhaps we are happy and the complaining is our way of showing that contentment?

Let every day be a great day to celebrate! For you are alive this day!



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