Wealth Care not Health Care

September 29, 2009 on 5:39 pm | In Economics, Oh Yeah, Poly Tics, Religion, The Body and Things | No Comments

Don’t like the idea of government sticking its nose into your health? There is a group out there that agrees with you! And they are hopping mad! They like you firmly believe that if people don’t have and can’t afford health care, it is their fault and that God hates them.

Like you one of the things they believe is that if you can’t afford to go to the doctor, that it should not be a problem as bandages and ibuprofen are cheap. So what is the issue?

As to death panels by the government their belief is that their companies decide that issue well enough on their own and the government should not get in the way of death panels for profit.

As to rationing health care they firmly believe it is their job to do that.

And like the right, they believe that socialism must be stopped and so they propose that we stop Medicare and even VA benefits.

And of course they believe that nothing says freedom like denying claims for health care.

I would say that if their belief’s can be summed up in just a few words, it would be this:

If We ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Do these folks sound like you kind of folk? If so join them. Their web url is:


I know I am!

A Billionaire for Wealth Care signing off.


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