A New Fortune Cookie.

November 11, 2009 on 4:17 am | In Fortune Cookies, Oh Yeah, Zany Thoughts | No Comments

My Fortune Cookie said:  “You are going to meet a tall, dark, stranger.”

This was about a month ago! I still have not met anyone that would meet that description.  Hummmmmmm… come to think about it I have not met any strangers since then.  The fortune cookie must have been wrong? Or perhaps I just don’t get out enough?

Though I am not sure why I would want to meet a tall, dark, stranger?  This is all just so upsetting.  What is one to do?  Will something bad happen because the fortune cookie is wrong? Or perhaps a month is not long enough for it to work?

Oh well all this thinking has make me hungry! Please, pass me another fortune cookie, maybe it will make more sense?

Awaiting my fortune,


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