The Republicans, the Tea Party and Socialism

March 25, 2010 on 4:16 pm | In Economics, Oh Yeah, Poly Tics | 2 Comments

Once again I am confused by the Tea Party and Republicans.

They claim that the Health Care Law is socialism and should not have been passed, yet they say they want the US Government to control medical costs.

If the first is socialism isn’t the second also socialism?

Truly Confused,


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The truth of the Founding Fathers and Big Government?

March 22, 2010 on 1:18 pm | In Oh Yeah, Poly Tics | No Comments

Just a thought, but if the Founding Fathers of the USA were anti big government why did they find it necessary to stop the citizens from electing the country’s president? In case you forgot, the people don’t elect the president the Electoral College does. And they are not bound by the constitution to vote for the person that the people vote for!

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