Hummmmmm , about me what is there about me that would be of interest? Not much, I really am a pretty boring guy.

First of all I guess the most important thing about me is that I consider myself to be a Follower or Jesus Christ. Sometimes not a very good one and sometimes a utter failure at it but one non the less.  I am a Sabbath keeping Christian.  And I am a minister in the Universal Life Church. I believe that every Christian is to preach the Gospel and so I have issues with the way modern day churches are organized.

Second of all my mother if she did one thing for me is she showed through her actions that if there is one thing right in the world to do, that is to stickup for the one that is right about an issue and that it was your responsible to stick up for them whether or not you got along with them.  When I look at Christs life that is what he did.  He could see the good in people and that is our responsibility to also. Yet not allow wrong to go unchallenged when seen. Well actually she did a second thing also, that was she installed in us children that there really is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH.

Enough about philosophy and all that stuff! My background is also pretty boring,  I work at a laborer job. I have a year of votech training in sales. So like many in this world I am doing something that is not what I took schooling for. Ah! Such is life, isn’t it? I have been a small business owner at which I make very little money. And again! Such is life!

I like to read and like varied subjects.  I am a people watcher and listener as I find people a unique study subject. They are so funny, so irritating and yet so lovable in so many ways.

As you will find in my posts I have my pet peeves along with a zany and wacky sense of humor.  I hope you can find something to take away from my blog that is thought provoking, something that is funny, something that is comforting to you and more importantly something that makes your life a little bit more happy.


May the God of Heaven protect and bless you in your daily walk in life.


copyright 2012

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