Presidential Debate Sept 26

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I listened to about a hour of The Donald and The Hillary on the way home from work. It was like listening to Abbot and Costello,  only not funny.

Real Marriage?

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I received an email this morning titled A Nail In The Coffin?

Which was about… oh heck, I will just leave you read some of it:

“Is time running out on Real Marriage in America?

Will the Supreme Court drive another nail in the coffin of Real Marriage after it hears arguments on homosexual “marriage” next month?

Or will pro-Family Americans rally to demand our nation’s highest court mark a historic turning point by siding with the Sixth Circuit’s ruling on behalf of Real Marriage?”

From a letter from Public Advocate. I have really no idea how I really got on their list, I do get a few conservative emails mainly because I was kinda interested in what they had to say and it has snow balled from there. The original mailing lists were almost center of the road. But over time the ones that have been added (I assume by sale of my email address) have gotten very right wing conservative and people hating.

But I digress, this is not about email addresses being sold. It is about, what is real marriage?

That depends on where and in what time you have lived in:

Perhaps if you lived 4000 years ago and you were female, your father would make a deal with the rich man and you were just forced to go with them in what was called marriage. Or maybe you lived somewhere else and your family could not afford to pay a bride price for you to get a better off man somewhere.

Or perhaps if you were a male you had 2 or maybe even a dozen and more wives. Or like Solomon you were mega wealthy and had something like  300 wives and what was it, 900 concubines.


One man and many wives as he could afford has been pretty much a standard throughout history. If you could not afford more then one wife there had to be be something wrong with you.


Or perhaps if you were female and grew up as late as the 1960’s in the US of A, in the south you were likely to be married to a man by the time you were 14?


Poor though out the centuries have not had recognized marriages as far a the state was concerned. Most of them were marriages because of the simple fact the couple chose to live together.


Some communities used handfasting ceremonies to declare a commitment to each other some times for life but often times for a year and a day.


What is real marriage? I would suggest to you that a real marriage exists when two (some will say even more then two, I will not argue for either interpretation here) consenting age persons consent to wanting to make a public acknowledge of what they hope will be a life long commitment to each other. And that it is, valid, be it a man and a woman.  Or a woman and a woman. Or a man and a man. Or even other more complicated arrangements due to the biological make up of individuals.


Real marriage is what happens when two people love each other so much that they want to publicly commit to that person. The Public Advocate and many others have it wrong when they talk about real marriage because what defines marriage changes from culture to culture and from one time to an other time.

Regardless of what you believe your real mate should be, someone else likely sees what their real mate as something else. But come on, isn’t that as it should be? Or all the men in the world would want, Halle Berry. And all the women in the world would want, Harrison Ford. Wouldn’t that be a messed up world?

Okay, I can just hear the shouts by religious conservative Christians that I should be stoned for such blasphemy.   But what does the Bible really say? That answer is not so easy to answer. I would urge you to start here: and then study farther as you see fit.

As a Christian, I feel that it is a Christians duty to know why they believe what they believe. And it is just as important for Christians to look at opposing viewpoints and see if they may be valid. And if there is any possible question to what they believe they need to always error on the side of mercy.

Just as importantly religious conservatives need to understand that marriage today is not a church contract but a civil contract.

If you have religious problems with same sex marriage then perhaps you need to look at barring your pastor, priest, etc from performing marriages as an agent of the state.


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Rising Wages and Walmart and Welfare

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Does a higher minimum wage mean we might get the Waltons off of walfare?


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Christians, Conservatives and Truth Alarms!

July 20, 2013 on 11:50 am | In Oh Yeah, Poly Tics, Religion | No Comments
One can not help but notice that when ever someone comes close to a truth,
Christians and Conservatives just shut down and refuse to talk or to even
listen anymore. It is as if alarms go off, the whistles blow long and hard,
the sirens wail at 200 plus decibels. The steel and concrete gates start
slamming shut at a hundred or so miles an hour. The shut their eyes and
scream: "That is not so! Why are you telling me this?!"
"I don't want to hear it!" It is like they if they can not have their truth
and their reality then nothing else matters. In short the good ole boys
idea of don't confuse me of the truth my mind is already make up!
Which I suppose is fine except they go around masquerading
as the keepers of all good and honest and true. 

For these that don't recognize satire for what it is.
This is a satirical piece on how fundamentalist of all types behave. 

Copyright  2013

Memorial Day 2013

May 26, 2013 on 2:14 pm | In Oh Yeah, Poly Tics, Relationships, The World | No Comments

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year. Perhaps the best way to remember the soldiers fallen, would be to commit to finding a way not to fight wars for oil, money and power.


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Church Deserves to Die?

January 15, 2013 on 5:43 am | In Oh Yeah, Poly Tics, Religion | No Comments

We might love our tribe best and believe that God does

does too, but no one in the early church believed that.

They died for not believing that.

To my way of thinking, if the church cannot return to

its radical roots–driven by a truly subversive anti-

imperial message and mission again–it deserves to die.

Robin Meyers

The Underground Church
Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus


Copyright 2013

You might be a socialist if…

January 3, 2013 on 2:16 pm | In Economics, Oh Yeah, Poly Tics | No Comments

Here is a list to hopefully make you think about what is really being said:

If you think that workers deserve a living wage you might be a socialist.

If you think that the government should build bridges you might be a socialist.

If you think that there should be FIDC Insurance you might be a socialist.

If you think that the USA should spend more on defense then the next 13 competitors combined you might be a socialist.

If you think that there should be laws against drunk driving you might be a socialist.

If you think that the government should support the American agricultural community you might be a socialist.

If you think that you should have roads to drive on that you did not personally pay for you might be a socialist.

If you think that the government should have hospital districts in rural areas you might be  a socialist.

If you think that cities should have taxpayer paid for fire departments you might be a socialist.

If you think that cities should have taxpayer paid for police departments you might be a socialist.

If you think that taxpayers should support airports you might be a socialist.

If you think that people should be taxed for football, baseball and basketball stadiums you might be a socialist.

Or perhaps not?


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Rage, The Prophet, A Movie and Religious Intolerance

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The best comment I have seen yet on the latest uproar on the movie Mohammed in the Middle East and else where around the world.  It is a comment that we should all consider taking to heart!

“Yes, we understand the First Amendment and all of this stuff,” wrote Khalid Amayreh, a prominent Islamist commentator and blogger in Hebron on the West Bank. “But you must also understand that the Prophet (for us) is a million times more sacred than the American Constitution.”
He adds: “As Americans have their own idiots and fanatics, we, too, have our idiots and fanatics. And as Americans are utterly unable — probably unwilling as well — to stop their idiots, we, too, are less able to rein in ours.”

Thank you, Khalid Amayreh it is always a pleasure to hear a voice of reason come from the chaos.


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What do you get when you switch o and m in Romney?

September 16, 2012 on 4:53 pm | In Economics, Oh Yeah, Poly Tics | No Comments


Perhaps there is a reason that he thinks he deserves being rich?


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